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    Corrupt print of some PDF Files


      Some pdf files seems corrupted and unreadable while they seems normaly in screen


      I couldnt add image this message. If I can, I wish to show whats the normal file and the printed one

      I could have send images with firefox, But I coudnt with IE 8.0



      But I try to print as image and the steps described above



      The file can be printed normaly with other pdf reader (Coolpdf etc.)


      this problem occures just some  pdf files but I couldnt see any differance, Some of files turkish, some of german or english


      Reader X

      OS: XP, Windows 7


      True File in screen                                  Corrupt print

      true-file.PNG     corrupt-print.PNG



      Sample file properties

      pdf prop fpdf.PNG      pdf prop adobe.PNG