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    completely lost in space with this program


      I have real trouble understanding the environment of premiere elements. I cannot see the name of the project I am working with for a start. I open an existing project which has 2 clips , orgnize-> capture video, then only the last clip is visible in the project!!!., where have the other 2 gone? Is there a book, a tutorial, some place where a definition of the environment in terms of files is explained. When I try to move files around, the project files are empty, no error messages. I find that I am duplicating clips without noticing. The program looks incredibly powerful but  I find that it is a bit like driving in the fog. The search feature is not very helpful either.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional



          I've written a number of books on the program, including these books on the current version. These books are available on Amazon.com as well as on Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com, and they're based on my 7 years hosting this forum.


          I also regularly produce tutorials for this site, including this free series of Basic Training tutorials.


          As for the situation you describe, it sounds as though you're looking at the Media panel for your media clips. As I say in my books, the Media panel is by far the most confusing panel in the entire program since it displays, by default, only the most recent clips you've added to your project.


          To see the media that's actually been added to your project, go to the Project panel (under the Organize tab).


          You can also see the name of your current project by hovering your mouse over the "pre" logo in the upper left of the program's interface.


          Hope that gets you started!

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            geneluck Level 1

            Thank you very much Steve for your quick and precise response.I appreciate your suggestions.

            I will certainly get one of your books as they get very good user reviews and we have the added bonus of having the possiblity to ask for clarification on this forum and I will also look at your tutorials.

            Thanks for the tip about the project name : this is for me an illustration of  a simple example of non-intuitive interface  aspect: why not have it on the top bar or in the drop down menu where one would naturally look for this type of information.

            Why are Apple products so successful ? If you ask me , I strongly believe that this is due to a great extent to the attention paid to the user interface, the intuitiveness and consistency aspects , not only the graphical appearance and the functionality.

            I have the manual that goes with PE7 : the cover is very pretty, glossy, good picture: the illustrarions inside are badly printed , hardly useable for some.

            I can also understand that it is a real challenge to present a complex piece of software in a simple and intuitive manner.

            Another simple  example:  if I want to remove a clip which I have selected from the My project panel , I cannot remove it directly with a right click: I have to go to to top bar->clip->clear

            I can nevertherless understand that it must be a real challenge to present a complex piece of software in a simple and intuitive manner.


            Sorry for the rant and thank you again for your help.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Have you given Final Cut Express a try? It's a magnificent piece of editing software -- but it's interface is about as far from intuitive as you can get!


              Although Adobe could certainly streamline a lot of the interface on Premiere Elements too.


              BTW, scroll down through this forum and you'll see that Adobe is recruiting beta testers for the next generation of Premiere Elements. If you really want to see improvements in this product, it's a much better forum in which to rant!


              I'm certainly volunteering to be a part of that team.

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                geneluck Level 1

                Thank you Steve. I might consider taking part in the beta testing  as it is probably useful to have novices doing it.

                Coming from a UNIX computer background mostly working from the command line (C and C++ software development) , this probably explains why I need to clearly understand the environment in which I need to work.

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                  Ted Smith Level 3

                  "Intuitive" to many people means "just like the way I am used to"

                  This is probably why Apple users are passionate about what they think is their intuitive display when I find it utterly frustrating with everything in the wrong place.


                  Personally I found PE9 appeared to be less intuitive than an older PE2 version I had used some years ago - until after half an hour of playing with it, I realised they had IMPROVED it!


                  Now what I thought wasn't intuitive is now much more intuitive!


                  I started programming in 1978 in machine code before they invented even the command line and have found it is always an effort to become comfortable with each new innovation.


                  Its funny how people try to use a new program without attempting to read any instructions or help first. You might get away with driving a new model Ford without reading the handbook first - but try in in a Stealth Fighter and see how far you get.

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                    geneluck Level 1

                    With due respect, you are entitled to your opinions , although your comments sound patronizing. You have a definition of intuitive which is yours and not mine. If something becomes intuitive to you after several years only, this is exactly what I would describe as non-intuitive (at least to you).Premiere element is supposed to be a tool for the masses, not a very specialized F1 car, so I do not see the point of such a  comparison. And by the way, I had read some of the manual before posting.