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    AE CS5 MAC Memory problem

    seetukka Level 1



      I´m using Abobe Master Collection with my Macbook pro (mid09) and 8 GB RAM.


      I have a strange behavior with my ram when using After effects and actually Premiere too. When I start a render first everything goes smoothly. Then suddenly RAM usage jumps to max almost (8 GB) even if I have set it to leave 1,5 GB to other applications. My computer almost freezes cause there is only 20-100 MB left of ram...


      The second and even stranger behavior is that after I have quit the programs, RAM usage stays very high. It stays up to 4-5GB even if I close all programs. And I mean now the ACTIVE RAM, not the INACTIVE... I look at the processes window in the activity monitor and there is nothing that explains the high RAM usage. First on the memory usage list is Kernel_task with about 120 mb of usage. So there is nothing that will explain the 4-5 GB usage. Only way to "reset" the memory back to normal is to reboot the computer... I have tried this many times and result is the same... Only solution is to reboot computer...


      And as a reference. I reboot my computer about 1 h ago and havent used any Adobe programs after that and now my memory usage is 656 mb even when many other programs running (firefox, skype etc.)


      Is this a bug in Adobes programs or is it a broken memory in my computer or something else? Cause it really seems that there is some process that is locking the memory and that process can´t be seen on the activity monitors processes window... I updated new memorys about a month ago and have had few kernel panics right after update as well, so thats why I´m thinking this might also be a bad memory issue even if it sounds like a software issue.


      Any ideas,



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody knows..... Your info is far too vague. comp sizes? Source footage? Render settings? What effects being used? Custom Quicktime extensions/ CoDecs? Haxies? Version of OSX? This could be anything from normal due to memory intense effects crashing "silently" with MP and not recovering to bad CoDecs and effects or crooked source footage. Please provide more details and try to render with different memory settings.



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Mylenium's questions are much like those that I would have asked. Specifically, I have seen instances of third-party plug-ins (both effect plug-ins and importer plug-ins) being very badly behaved with memory.

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              seetukka Level 1



              I´m using OSX 10.6.7 and latest updates of all Adobes programs...


              I did some more tests. All tests are made with no effects applied.Just raw footage exported to a different format.


              I´m rendering  uncompressed mov(animation) to flv.


              Source file: 1920x1080 uncompressed quicktime mov(animation)

              Final result: 528x298 FLV for  web use.


              So I did a test with two different files(both same 1920x1080 animation) and rendered them to same FLV format. In both cases the result was the same. Render starts normal, but after about 450-600 frames, memory usage suddenly jumps to full( free memory almost 0 mb). At the same time cpu usage drops to about 10-25 % being at the start of render about 90-95%. So the render slows down dramatically and the computer starts to respond really slow... Then after the rendering and shutting down AE, the memory usage doesn´t return to normal, but stays up to about 3,5-5 gb even if there is no programs on...


              So I wanted to do a test with different source material, to eliminate some possible causes. I used mp4 file straight from Sonys PWM-EX1 camera as a spurce material.

              The result was totally different. Render kept going fast all the way. Memory and cpu usage acted normally and finally after shutting down AE, memory usage returned to normal( about 1 GB of active memory)


              So there is definetely something wierd happening here. Something continues to lock and use the memory even after shutting down After effects. Same thing happened to me also when using Premiere and rendering file out with same specs using media encoder... So this seems to maybe have somethig to do with dynamic link?! And why with uncompressed files?


              Any ideas whats causing this?

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                This may be a memory leak in teh Quicktime abstraction layer required to use some CoDecs in a 64bit app. The behavior you describe would seem to come down to the fact, that everything goes wrong when the QT handler has exceed the 32bit adress space limit (something like 3.x GB on a Mac) and attempts to work beyond it, not holding its water, as it were. Your MP4 file on the other hand would be decoded via MediaCore, which obviously is not affected by the problem. I don't see an easy way of fixing this, but I would really try to toy with the memory settings in AE. Pushing up the memory to leave for otehr applications and in turn lowering the max allowed RAM for AE might force it to purge more memory at an earlier point and may avoid the issue entirely, if it never exceeds the 32bit address space...



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                  seetukka Level 1

                  So does this mean that the problem is in the Adobes programs? Or does this affect only me and my computer setup?? Is Premiere and AE using same system to render quicktime, cause the problem affects both programs?

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                    Andre Friedman

                    So here I am asking the same question,second time  for the last 30 minutes:


                    Lately my PP house  bought new macs with best configurations they could achieve,  I mean really best(!!) and they have very strange memory leaks, when  working with CS5.
                    I spent last few hours, trying to hunt down the problem and then I found this thread with pretty informative  answers by Lutz and yourself. Was there any solution since then?

                    I'd really appreciate some kind of liable info on this one, especially,  if it's codec involved, which codec makes it worst, or which 3d party  plugin makes worst memory leaks, if at all?


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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      Tell us which third-party software you're using, and we may be able to investigate whether there is a known issue with that software. Of course, you could determine yourself whether third-party software is causing the problem by disabling or not using such software and seeing if the problem persists.

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                        seetukka Level 1

                        It´s not a third party issue, at least in my case. My case the problem is using uncompressed quicktime. Everytime when my source material is uncompressed quicktime, these problems occur...There hasn´t been given any solution from adobe. Only thing I´ve been able to do has been using other codecs than uncompressed quicktime...


                        If there indeed is a solution I´d be happy to hear it too...

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                          Memory Leak

                          apparently the open GL is messed up in CS4 and CS5


                          turn off openGL

                          in photoshop preferences/performance

                          then restart photoshop

                          it fixed my problem with photoshop eating up all the memory


                          here is a article about the fix




                          here is info about the change that CS4 and CS5 have in open GL


                          that seems to create the problem