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    flash animation in catalyst




      I am new to catalyst and an amateur in web design, anyway, I am trying to have a simple animation play on my page laid out in catalyst (I put together a simple animation in Flash, it is basically a fade in fade out of a sequence of images).

      My swf plays fine but when i run the project through catalyst it gets stuck in the 1st frame.

      I did select On Application Start (in Action Sequences) >SWF Asset, to play SWF.


      What am I doing wrong/ not doing?



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          AdeptDigital Level 2



          I have several Catalyst projects with Flash (AS3) animations and they have been working fine without the Application Start command.  When you import the SWF the FXP should automatically start your timeline.  Maybe the issue is the Application Start command.  It seems that command would be used to start an application moreso that an animation.  The site I am working on now is havi9ng some issues but I do have the SWF on the Home Theater page working so if you want to see it in action goto:




          and click on the Home Theater link (that will change soon, when the new homepage comes up just click "Take Virtual Tour" then follow these instructions).  At first the image will be static but when the flash file finishes loading (maybe 3 seconds) you will see movement on the screen and some options come up to convert the screen's aspect ratio in the bottom right of the SWF.  All this is done with a simple import of the SWF Asset.  I did not need to do anything with the animation controls nor use the start application feature.


          Good Luck,


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            Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

            How is the animation built in Flash Professional? Is it timeline or code driven? If it is code driven, is it done with ActionScript 3 or ActionScript 2?



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              I come from video editing and aftereffects so for me it is more natural to use the timeline for the animations.  The page has a timeline with AS3 buttons controlling the movements.



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                graphimatic Level 1

                Ok, so I did remove the Application Start command, and it seems to be working.


                My animation is done with the timelines.


                Thank you both for your help.