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    How/Where to make Drawing/Sketch Video for Website


      I am brand new to all Adobe applications but have the CS5 Master Suite and have been taking many courses through Lynda.com for months.  I wish to learn how to make a small video of an object being sketched.  That is use a drawing tablet and stylus (whatever they are called...I have NO idea) and trace over a photo.  When finished I wish to have the video of the slowly created tracing of the object sped up and when complete fade away and the actual photograph of the object traced overlap fade into view. In other words use this as a transition technique for presenting a photograph of an object rather then just have it "pop" onto the screen.  My questions are: (1) What special drawing pad and stylus are required (if any....can I do it with just the mouse?) (2) Is Flash Professional the program one would use to make such a video?  If not which Adobe program is best suited to this task, and (3) Is there a NAME to this "technique" in whatever program was given in answer to question two so I know where to begin and/or look for a tutorial on how to accomplish this technique?  (I am assuming that describing how to do this is too tedious a task for this forum.  If I am mistaken please tell me.)  Thank you.

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          You could get a Wacom tablet and draw over your photo in Photoshop and record the process using a screen recorder application. I'm much too lazy to do that sort of thing. Do a google search on sketch effect in Photoshop. You'll find a whole long list of tutorials that will show you various ways to achieve the sketch version of your photo. You'll find that you can get greater and lesser levels of detail by changing the settings of the filters used in the process. You can save each one of these variations to a different layer in Photoshop. You can use these layers as the development of the sketch version of the photo.


          Each layer can then be imported into Flash. You can then to the animation in Flash.


          Does that help to get you started?

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            chip353 Level 1

            Yes Rob.  Thank you very much.  I will start by doing exactly as you recommended.