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    Exporting HD1080 to QuickTime

    AnnCha11 Level 1



      I was wondering if anyone could help me?


      I'm a new user and I've been trying to export my work to QuickTime .mov files.


      My input is HDV 1920x1080 .MTS files. I would like to export to .mov either using Apple Photo JPEG or Apple Motion JPEG at 1920x1080.


      The problem is, that all the options for exporting to QuickTime produce small PAL or NTSC frame sizes.


      Can anyone tell me how to produce a 1920x1080 frame size in QuickTime?


      Thanks in advance.

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Select your preferred CoDec from the drop-down list,
          then set your aspect ratio / frame rate / par, etc.



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            I don not know the answer to this, though I do know that After Effects and Premiere render Quicktime very differently for some reason. The quality of QT in PR is very poor, while in AE the photo-jpeg and animation codecs work flawlessly as they should.  In addtion, AE allows you to choose the options you mentioned.  Don't know if it will work for you, but being in the same predicament many times, I have imported the PR timeline to AE and rendered out from there. The caveat is that you may lose many moves, effects, or timings thereof with importing the sequence depending on what you done in PR.  My work around has been to render out the project from PR in the native format and then import that into AE to render in the desired QT format.