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    KVM for mixed DVI D-sub setup

    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I can't find one of the KVM discussions I recall, but I don't think it addressed this.


      I would love to share a keyboard, mouse, and one or more monitors with my 3 PCs.  But the laptop and one PC are old (meaning D-sub video outputs), and the other is an i7 with DVI.  Two of the 3 monitors are DVI capable.


      The i7 is the main editing workstation, with only CS5.  The laptop is used for email and various other things.  The other PC is a P4 that I used mostly most testing (has CS3 and CS4 loaded).


      So I want a 3 port, DVI and D-sub switch (with keyboard and mouse), and sure - audio.  (But the audio output options on the i7 suggest that would be complicated.)


      Or is that what I want?  Suggestions?


      NewEgg has a sale on a "4 port USB DVI KVMP Switch with Audio and Cables."  I suppose I could put a cheap DVI capable video card in the P4, and connect a monitor directly to the laptop?