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    AVCHD Large Split File Segments Import with Audio Out of Sync PPro 5.0.3 Mac

    jefbak Level 1

      I have noticed when shooting long events where our AVCHD camera (panasonic ag-hmc150 set on 720P30 setting) automatically splits file into two segments at 4gb, Premiere Pro 5.0.3 (Mac version) will automatically combine the segments into one take when it imports the file into a project. The resulting files audio track ends up being 15 frames off. This would happen if I imported the whole AVCHD directory structure or if I tried just importing the stream mts files themselves. Every time, premiere would try to combine them in to one file with the audio out of sync.


      The files play in sync in VLC player so I knew the originals were fine. I also know that shorter takes that premeire does not try to combine have never had a sync issue like this.


      To get around this, I had to create a separate directory for each segment of the file and then manually copy each part of the auto segmented files from the sdhc capture card to the editing system hard drive. Then I imported each file from the separate directorys into premeire and that tricked premiere into thinking they were separate files and should not be combined. Now the audio was in sync and I was able to drop both files into the timeline and edit normally from there.


      This does appear to be a bug however, and I wonder if anyone else has run into this? There appears to be a problem with the forum search as I wrote this since I got no results for avchd or audio sync, so if this has been answered please let me know.