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    Need help with Apple Intermediate Codec

    jdmack01 Level 1

      One of my clients has given me a hard drive with a lot of .mov files that use the Apple Intermediate Codec.  As far as I know, there is no Windows-based program that can convert these files into something that Premiere CS5 on Windows can read.  Fortunately, someone in my building has a Mac with Final Cut Pro that they will let me use.  I realize that this is more of a Final Cut Pro question than a Premiere question, but can anyone give me a step-by-step process to convert these files in FCP for use in Premiere (including a good choice for output format)?  The person who owns this computer uses freelance editors, so he doesn't know how FCP works and cannot help me.  And I know nothing about FCP except how to launch the program.


      J. D.