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    Reader 9 and X: blurry



      Ok. This is aggravating, I just spent ten minutes  writing a message, clicked post and it was all lost, saying I needed to  log in. I am logged in. Gah!

      scratch that, now I'm on my THIRD try

      Here's the summary:

      Installed vers. X, text became blurrier in pdfs than in version 9, which was already blurry.

      Went through all the preferences and found no middle ground between completely pixelated and out of focus.

      Tried a reinstall, got rid of everything related to previous versions I could find, did a repair install. No change.


      Sidebar: adobe home page text is blurrier than my pdfs. only site I can find like this.


      Anybody have any ideas?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          On the Mac you can set your viewing preferences here. It is similar to what Window's users see.



          You want to change the options for smoothing Text. The above are the options I use.

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            Funny.  I was just on the point of posting a similar message!


            The display in each successive version of Adobe Reader seems to be worse than in the last. I have Nuance PDF Reader installed on my machine, and I have now set PDFs to open in it every time.  It takes longer to load than Adobe Reader but can be left to run harmlessly in the background if you expect to look at more than one file.  It gives more robust images and sharper and more solid typescript. Various other free PDF readers are available for download, too.  If you just want to read or print out PDFs, there's no need to feel tied to Adobe.

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              3rdFloor Level 1

              Ahh, yeah I went through all those and found that even on pdfs using

              sans-serif fonts everything was either very blocky or fully blurred. It's like

              the fonts are being squared-off on non-smoothed settings and doubled & blurred

              on smoothed settings, whether I'm using the monitor or laptop heading.


              using XP sp3 by the way.

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                3rdFloor Level 1

                @ aleximor

                Oh man, I wish I was only reading and printing. I'm writing a pdf

                right now and I need to check my work in reader since it's the most

                common application. I'll definitely DL that one, though as I have a

                similar problem with Foxit - so thanks for the heads up on that

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                  aleximor Level 1

                  Thanks for the tip. A US Patent (fairly small typeface) is now just legible in Adobe Reader at 75% zoom, as it has always been in Nuance PDF Reader. In fact, Adobe Reader and Nuance PDF Reader images are now effectively indistinguishable on my screen.


                  Since almost no-one uses CRT monitors these days, it seems a bit perverse of Adobe to set Reader to default to that type of display.