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    Problems with a AS3 SWF

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      I am having issues with a SWF file posting properly in a Catalyst project.  I have already put a post in the Catalyst section but I wanted to bounce the idea off this room that the issue is more SWF and less Catalyst because everything else in Catalyst is working just fine, including other AS3 SWF files that I have linked throught the site.  The files are here:




      If you enter the Home Theater section you will see a SWF load in the film frame after it downloads (maybe 3 seconds).  This SWF with alter the screen on the image and give you controls on the bottom right corner to shift the aspect ratio of the content on the projection screen.  This is a AS3 SWF that works just fine, but if you click on Electronics the page shifts to another film frame that is blank.  It is a scroll panel in Catalyst that is refusing to load the content which is a SWF with several links set up as buttons in AS3.


      I cannot figure out why one SWF will work and the others will not.  Is it possible that I am publishing the files incorrectly somehow?  I checked the publish settings for the files that work and the files that don't and they are exactly the same.  I have tried to rebuild the pages with both the good SWFs and the bad SWFs and I get the same results.


      Even more puzzling is that the entire project works when I check the Local files.  The issue only rears it's ugle head when I put it on the server and try it live.


      If anyone has insight into the connectiuon between Flash AS3 SWFs and the way FXP files imports them that could come close to explaining this please let me know.  The only difference between the two are the buttons, I am going to try to remove the buttons and see if the SWF works.


      Thanks in advance,


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          I'm guessing that you found the problem and fixed it. I see nothing wrong with the Electronics section.

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            Yes I have figured out the issue and I simply can't believe the solution.  I have been discussing it on the Flash Catalyst Forum.  Here is a recent post, please feel free to take a look at the page I have set up to demonstrate the issue in case you ever come across it.  It is a real kick in the head.






            Thanks for  the tip but I just figured out the problem and you are not going believe  this.  I removed the buttons from two of the scroll panes and replaced  them with buttons made in Catalyst and the problem magically went away.   Take a look at this page:




            The first three pages work just fine but the Third and Fourth pages (Outdoor & Subwoofer) will not load the SWF.   The ONLY difference between these two pages are the buttons in Flash.   It would seem that buttons will create a destructive error that prevents  the SWF from loading.


            If this pans out then the  developers for Adobe really missed a big one with this.  I have over 47  pages that now need to be rebuilt because I assumed that a button built  in AS3 would not interfere with the SWF load.


            Now this  isn't something that happens all the time, I have several SWFs in this  site that use buttons and work just fine but they are nested in Movie  Clips and they all have to do with timeline controls rather than opening  another URL.  Maybe the "_blank" tag is the issue but I am required to  get the user to a different page by the client's request.  I can't very  well go back to the client and tell him that Catalyst has an issue with  that very normal request.


            Anyway, thanks for the  suggestion, I am spending the rest of my day republishing my SWFs  without buttons just to remake them in FC.  BTW, the real kick in the  head is that the SWFs with the buttons work on the local files, its when  you upload to a server that everyting seems to fall apart.