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    Premiere wants to close during the burning of a DVD


      After having had much problems with Premiere 8 (slow and many freeze ups), I went to upgrade my computer and purchased Premiere 9, hoping I would have a smooth ride. WRONG!!!

      Speed has increased slightly but now I have the problem that the program needs to close while burning a DVD. I've tried several times to no avail.

      I'm trying to burn a video with 5 clips of HD recordings. Total duration: 43 minutes.

      I have installed a 2nd hard drive: 2TB and I've installed some of my photos and video clips on this drive as well as Adobe Premiere/Photoshop.

      Can you help because I'm becoming very frustrated to the point of being mad.


      Computer details:


      Dell Model 'Dimension E520'.  Intell (R) Pentium (R) D.  CPU 2.8Ghz.

      Ram DDR2  4Gb.

      System Type: 32-bit

      Storage Controllers: Adaptec AIC-7870PCI SCSI (Emulated) and Intel (R) 82801 HR/HH/HO SATA RAID

      My vitual memory for the 2nd drive is set at 10000

      Chipset is Intel P965/G965

      I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2

      DVD/CD Rom:  HL-DT-ST DVD+ -RW GSA_H31N

      Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300LE   128Mb.


      Regards: Herman

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're not saying you've installed Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements on your second hard drive, right? Because that can certainly lead to problems.


          And regardless, your C drive needs to be regularly defragmented and have at least 20-30 gigs of free, clean space. Does it?


          I'm also assuming you've formatted your second hard drive NTFS rather than FAT32 (as they come from the factory). Because that can also lead to problems.


          I'm also assuming that you didn't start your project in version 8 and then open it in version 9 of the program. Because that can also lead to problems.


          You also don't say which model of camcorder you're shooting your video with. There are a number of AVCHD formats.


          You also don't say which project settings you used to set up your Premiere Elements project. It's vital that your project settings match your camcorder's video precisely.


          Are you able to use Share/Computer/AVI with the NTSC DV preset to output an AVI of your video? If you can, that would tell us a lot about your issue.

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            Hello Herman, do me a favour and try something because I have exactly the same problem but I'm getting closer to getting a solution.


            Right click on your first clip which has audio (don't do it with an audio clip, do it with a video clip that has audio linked), go to Show Properties down the bottom, open them disable the Volume Filter by clicking the eye. Once the box where they eye was is blank do that with all your other clips that contain Audio.


            Then try and burn your dvd. I know this will not actually give you what you want but at least it will help us identifying the problem. I'm sure it is the volume filter because as soon as I enable it, premiere closes again. It actually comes with a message that reports issues with an audio filter.


            If that is the case maybe Adobe can get their act together and make an update that will fix this issue because I have 5 DVD's ready cut waiting to be burned and my clients are not too impressed.


            NB: It has NOTHING to do with my camera, computer, or whatever. My client purchased a brand new 6 core i7 computer with 8 GB of RAM and had no other Software then Premiere Elements 9.0 installed which was of the net, so no Steve it's got nothing to do with the system IT IS THE SOFTWARE! It would be nice if Adobe would test their software before it works so people who pay for the products don't lose jobs over it.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You may be right, Meiti. But if it were the software then everyone everywhere would experience the exact same problem.


              I've run this program on XP, Windows 7 (32-bit) and Mac OSX and, when the project files are properly optimized and your system is clean and up to date, it will have no problem creating and burning a DVD.

              • 4. Temporary Solution to failure of burning complete projects
                Meiti69 Level 1

                Hello Steve and Herman,


                here is the temporary solution until Adobe manages to fix this in an update ... it is a software issue.


                The way to get around it (and this is after I have tested it) is unlink the audio which is part of the imported clip. Then put the audio track on another track (i.e. narration or create a new one) obviously matching it with the videoclip to keep it in sync.


                I do not know if you need to turn the volume filter off before that, I had volume and balance turned off prior to moving them onto the new track. So basically now the audio is running as a completely independent audio clip and now you can turn on the volume and balance and make adjustments.


                Now that I had done this I went to share - burn to DVD and voi la it began straight away. I don't know if this is an issue with the size of the project, my one is a full DVD in HD with about 1h of content.


                I had other DVDs that I had been able to burn but the encoding was really sluggish so I assume there was a similar issue with the audio only it didn't cause premiere to close.


                Hope this helps you as well Herman!




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                  Ted Smith Level 3

                  I suspect PE9 has a memory leak. I've had this happen before even with PE2!

                  This can be caused by a many reasons (such as two routines attempting to use the same memory at the same time or a routine being called before it has completely finished its activity).

                  It generally shows up when rather complicated effects are combined particularly ones where you are varing a video or audio level at the same time you are doing a video effect transition.

                  The cure is often very difficult to find by a programmer and a faster bigger computer doesn't help.


                  Did the notice to say it 'needed to close' have any other note such as RESOURCES ARE LOW? This is a pretty sure indicator or a memory leak. It gets worse the more you use the computer and the longer you have it running since it was last started.


                  I find you can sometimes get away with it by :-

                  Reboot the computer

                  Start PE only

                  Load the project

                  Do NOT attempt to preview or adjust anything

                  Burn the project.



                  Also it can be sometimes easier burning to a file and using another prog to make the Disc from the file. At least you dont waste the disc if it goes wrong.

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                    hema426426 Level 1

                    Thanks Steve.

                    I moved the program files to my master drive (C:). All other suggestions you made I had taken care of before the Burn attempts.

                    The burn still took several hours. Is that normal?


                    As for all the others that commented. Thanks for your help and input. I hope your problems will get resolved as well.



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >burn still took several hours. Is that normal?


                      Too many factors for a simple answer


                      Starting with your source files, moving on to what you DID to/with those files, and only ending with the actual BURN process


                      A one hour video will take longer to transcode than a 15 minute video


                      Adding lots of effects may take MUCH longer to render


                      Only at the end is the DVD actually "burned" and that is usually the least amount of time... depending on the speed of your burning hardware and the rated speed of the disc you are using

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