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    Limit on number of frames imported in Image Sequence

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      I use CS4 on a Mac  OS 10.6.7


      Hello all,


      My PNG sequences has 77668 frames but After Efects imports only the first 12133 frames.    is there a limit to the size of an Image Sequence that AE will Import.


      Otherwise how do I get the entire image seqence into AE.  I even tried selecting all of the frames by holding the shift key but still it imports the first 12133 frames only.


      When I choose a sub set of frames after the 12133  I get the error message:    After Effects error: Can't import as a sequence.  Found no matches for the selected file name.  (39::40)


      However if i import those same frames as footage only they all come into AE, but they will not when PNG Sequence is checked.



      NOTE: I had added an extra ''#" in the naming convention when I created the png sequence (######).png  AE defaults to 5#s.  did adding the 6th cause a problem.


      Thank you