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    cutting/pasting fxg code


      Hi, noob here.


      I want to skin WindowedApplication. Trying to use the WindowedApplication skin class provided by Flex 4


      I have Catalyst and Illustrator cs5 and I note that the code generated by both is slightly different. In fact, I can't determine what's absolutely necessary, and what isn't with the errors I get in FB.


      I followed a tut that used Illustrator to generate the code. It seemed so easy and straight forward that I thought I could implement it. But alas, I was wrong! When I tried the same technique it didn't work and I surmise that he was using Illustrator cs4.


      The nut of it is: If I'm pasting into a custom component, which parts do I need? There are so many groups defined with ai, d, flm, fx, s namespaces and all that other stuff. I just need the bones. Can I get rid of those namespaces? Which groups do I need to keep? Or what about creating an fxg file in my flex project and using that? How do I implement it that way versus pasting into the custom component? Or if I paste in code generated with Catalyst, which parts do I need?


      I can't determine the straight poop.


      There's something rolling around in my head that I'm missing the obvious. What is it?