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    My FC site.. so far




      Here is my url http://www.ryanstever.com/


      I am in need of some more experienced help. Let me know how this site works for you guys. There are quite alot of glitches because this is my first FC site.


      The main things I would like improved are


      1. I dont want the datalists if possible.


           a. if i have to have the datalists how do you take away the blue focus ring? I tried changing the colour in the setting but nothing changes. (i can only get it to change to handcursor)


      2. I want to have  the content scrollable but since some pages (states) are longer than others all the pages ultimately have to be bigger. So some pages will have a huge empty space at the bottom. I would like it so that this changes for every page as needed.


      3. I would like the side nav to be sticky. So that when I scroll down the content the nav will stay put.


      4. How do I get this mobile friendly.


      There are a few other things I would like to change but cant think of them right now

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I'll try to answer some of these:

          The blue overlay issue - Double click into the list of interest, then double click into the repeated item. You should see three states listed in the state/pages panel. Switch to the Over State, locate the blue overlay and delete it (or change it). Do the same with the Selected State to remove the overlay. If you find that the repeated item moves, go the Normal State, right click on the item, and Select Make Same in All States.


          The long page issue - There isn't a solution that I am aware of with FC. If you want that effect, you might need to go with just HTML/CSS/JS or maybe break the pieces into different SWFs


            Sticky Side nav - Within Flash Catalyst, I can't think of a solution. There might be something that can be done with Flash Builder, but a more traditional web solution might be the best bet.


            Flash Catalyst is not mobile friendly. Current Android devices are capable of running the content, but it is not mobile-aware, not does it use the new mobile-friendly Flex framework ("Hero"). You can prototype the mobile version of the site, but I would not recommend using FC to create it.


          Hope this helps,


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            rnst0033 Level 1

            I see thanks alot for the input.


            Im trying to stay away from coding as much as possible, it takes me forever to figure things out.


            Im wondering, is it possible to have the datalists scrollable? I know you can click the up/down and thumb buttons that you make. but when I hover over the images they will not scroll when I roll my track ball. If I could do that then it would help huge.


            It just makes for better usability.



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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, datalists can be scrolled. The stock datalist should have had scrollbars included. They will only appear if they are needed. If you deleted them when you were editing the datalist, you need to double click the datalist. Then you can either drag the wireframe scrollbar from the components panel or create your own.


              You will need to size the scrollbar to match the height of your datalist.


              I think there is a great tutorial over at tv.adobe.com on this.


              Hope this helps,



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                rnst0033 Level 1



                Im pretty sure I am doing everything as instructed on both the adobe tv tut and adc's tut.

                And still when I hover over the images or scroll bar I cannot scroll with my mouses track ball. Like you do on normal browser windows.

                My problem is I do not want any clicking to scroll. I can get the data lists to scroll but only by clicking either the up, down or thumb buttons. Which to me does not make for nice usability in this situation.


                If not then oh well Imma just make a movie file showcasing all the content.


                Thanks again


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                  Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                  If I am not mistaken, there are still issues with mousewheel on the Mac. I could be wrong. I know there were....


                  For an interaction like that, you would need to write some code in Flash Builder to have the hover trigger the scroll.


                  Good luck,



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                    rnst0033 Level 1

                    Yeah I am a Mac user.


                    Boourns, oh well cant have everything easy;)