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    Is This Hardware Upgrade Feasible?

    merbland Level 1

      My current system is an xw6200 HP workstation.  The display adapter is a GeForce GTX 260 OC, having 896 MB of GDDR3 memory (on a 448-bit bus), DirectX 10 support and a default GPU clock rate of 576 MHz.  This adapter drives 2 x NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi displays in 1920x1280. I have two Internal WD Caviar Black 1.0TB SATA HDs. There is a RAID controller but I'm not using it. The CPUs are two 3.60 GHz Xeon Model 4, Stepping 1, dual core with hyper threading turned on.  The memory is currently 2 x 2GB DDR2, 400/PC2-3200 Modules, Kingston KTH-XW8200/2G.  My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1.  My questions are with regard to CS5 Premiere Pro and AE.

      My hardware gets bogged down when I try to edit a 1080p HD project.  The timeline is almost impossible to scrub in such a project (even with audio scrubbing turned off).  My hardware can't seem to keep up with previewing unrendered clips. I'm wondering if it's practical to upgrade this system so that I can use it (on a hobbyist basis; not professionally) to produce 1080p projects from my Canon 1D Mark IV camera.  I have done a couple of small 1080p projects already but I encountered agonizingly slow renders and frustrating timeline previews with many scrubbing failures.


      If I install 2 x 4GB DDR2 RAM modules (Kingston KTH-XW8200/4G) in the unused slots, would this give me enough of a performance improvement so that I could successfully scrub the timeline in a 1080p project?


      The GTX260OC is not listed in Adobe's approved CUDA adapters, but it does have a small bit of CUDA functionality.  Does Premiere Pro use it? Would upgrading this adapter to an nVidia Quadro 4000, with 2GB GDDR5 memory make a noticeable improvement?  How much does the bus speed in this (old) xw6200 workstation slow things down?  Is it worth upgrading memory and the display adapter with this MoBo?


      All input and suggestions appreciated.   Regards, Mardon

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          IMO any upgrade you plan on this system is a complete waste of money. The CPU's are way too slow, you don't have enough memory and the memory can't be ported to a new machine. I think you are much better off with an overclocked i7-950 system.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            1.  GTX 260--try it and see if it works, generally we say generally 1 GB of RAM is necessary.  There are five GTX 260's that all appear to work providing hardware acceleration of MPE on the PPBM results page.  You will have to modify the "cuda_supported_cards.txt".  Do not bother with a Quadro card.


            2.  For your old dual core dual Xeons I would suggest equal RAM for each CPU.  The HP spec that I just looked at implied that 2 GB modules are supported.  Are you certain that 4 GB modules will work in it?  You definitely do need lots more RAM, if 4GB modules work I would suggest getting four of them.  Do not forget that you require Registered ECC modules.


            3.  For HD video you propably would be well advised to have two disk drives in R0


            4.  For your AVCHD video you really should start thinking a new single processor system since your system is many generations old and may not be worth the cost of the upgrades.

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              merbland Level 1

              Harm & Bill,


              Thanks to both of you for making it clear that I'd be foolish to try and modernize my 5-year old system. I guess I probably knew this before I read your replies but I didn't want to admit it to myself.  Your "tough love" about wasting my money was just what I needed.


              So I'm off to investigate some i7 systems.  I see there's lots of posts in this forum about specs for new systems, so I'll read them all.  I live in Canada and I'm not sure if anyone here provides ready-made systems for CS5 video editing (like http://www.adkvideoediting.com/ does in the U.S.)  I have found a few companies that sell i7 gaming systems.  Is an i7 gaming system really any different than an i7 video editing system?   NCIX.com offers a lot of customizable i7 systems.  Harm, I'm not sure why you specifically mentioned an over clocked 950.  Would a 970 or a 990X be an alternative to over clocking a 950?


              At least I think I'm now on the right track after having discarded my 'upgrade' idea based upon your feedback.


              Thanks and regards, Mardon

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >i7 gaming systems


                A video editing computer has 2 or 3 hard drives... or raid for some files


                You will find all this once you start reading the FAQ articles from the drop down list on the hardware main page