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    horizontal gridlines get out of synch

    tooMuchTrouble Level 3

      i have a datagrid (4.1) using wordWrap & variableRowHeight that also has makes use of horizontalGridLines. if the user scrolls the grid, the rows & horizontalGridLines quickly get of synch (horizontalGridLine mighty show up in the middle of a row's contens). digging around it seems this has been an issue since 2007 (in the flex 2 era??).


      i found this workaround in the forums:


      override public function set verticalScrollPosition( value:Number ):void {

           drawLinesAndColumnBackgrounds(); // forces lines to be redrawn

           super.verticalScrollPosition = value;



      which resyncs the rows & horizontalGridLines *after* the user stops scrolling (it's still pretty plain while scrolling).


      is this the best/only workaround?