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    Scene Detect 8 + 15 extra frames on every captured clip

    Cine Real Level 1

      When capturing HDV in CS5, using Scene Detect creates extra frames.


      Imagine clip #1 when it captures its footage, instead of stopping at the end of the clip, it continues for another 15 frames into Clip #2 and tacks this on to the end of Clip #1.

      It then starts to capture Clip #2 but first it rolls back (this is done by Scene Detect electronically. The tape does not actually roll back) into Clip #1 and starts the capture 8 frames back into Clip #1 before it continues capturing the footage and proceeds to repeat the 15 extra frames capture from Clip #3. Everything is repeated throught Clip #3, Clip #4, etc. until the end of the tape.


      These things did not happen in CS3. This is a CS5 problem.


      Essentially each clip starts with 8 frames of the previous clip and ends with 15 frames of the next clip. The extra frames contain both video and audio in perfect sync.

      When capturing, I am making no adjustments on the frames control which is what the Adobe Service suspected. I ran a capture with them on line demonstrating the problem.


      Although I can still edit with this footage, using scene detect, with 280 clips per hour tape, it is not pleasant removing 8 frames from the front and 15 frames from the back of each of the 280 clips.


      Is there a solution to this problem or perhaps a quick-automatic way of removing the frames from each of the 280 clips?


      I currently edit on an MSI GT660R laptop


      •     Intel® Core™ i7-740QM Processor
      •     Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit
      •     15.6" TFT-LCD Display (LED Backlight)
      •     NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 285M 3D Discrete Graphics Card (DDR3 1GB VRAM)
      •     6GB (2GB x 3) DDR3 1066 MHz System Memory
      •     1TB (500x2) 7200RPM Hard Drive
      •     802.11 b/g/ n Wireless LAN with Bluetooth
      •     Dynaudio Premium Sound Speakers
      •     Dual SATA Hard Drive with Raid 0
      •     Accelerated CPU+ GPU performance with MSI TDE Technology
      •     MSI Cooler Boost Technology
      •     USB 3.0 for high speed data transfer
      •     Blu-Ray Optical Drive
      •     Built-in 720p HD webcam
      •     HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output


      I want my CS3 back.