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    Privileged Locations

    Quebusquoi Level 1

      Why is my transform applying all the correct setting except the one I specified in Privileged Locations?


      Here is what I've done...

      Loaded AdbeRdr1000_en_US.msi in Adobe Customization Wizard.

      Customized several settings... including adding a host in the Privileged Locations list under Security.

      Generated a transform, I then applied to my install command.


      I do have a wildcard in my host name but I made sure to follow the format bellow... ( tried both *.c.adobe.com and *.b.c.adobe.com format)


      3.3.3 Wildcard usage for privileged locations
      10.x products support the use of wildcard matching of subdomain components for trusted host URLs. For example, for a basic URL of a.b.c.adobe.com, you can wildcard on all of “a”, “b”, and/or “c.”
      Note:It is required that at least the first subdomain is specified (adobe in this case). So *.corp.adobe.com or lcforms.*.adobe.com works, but *forms.corp.adobe.com or lcforms.corp.*.com will not.


      When opening Adobe Reader, under Preferences / Security (Enhanced)... my list is blank.

      I know my transform applied correctly since other setting like EULA applied just fine.

      Did I miss anything? Anyone else can replicate this problem?



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          Quebusquoi Level 1

          Has ANYONE been able to successfully apply either File, Folder, or Host to a transform using Customization Wizard 10? All customization are applied except what is specified in Security (Enhanced) window. What am I missing here... is this app broken?