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    Coldfusion and Flex

      Before the question I want to give a little background.

      I started using DreamWeaver and Coldfusion to create simple applications for our employees to use. It started with simple applications that the end user entered all the data in. After several years of doing this, I learned ways to integrate several systems (such as email, Accounts Payable, and our main Application software into this first website. It has slowly morphed into this huge, disjointed website that does not have any flow to it.

      About 3 months ago I started going through the entire website, and using css, I gave it a universal theme. I still don’t like the look of it, it still feels disjointed. I started, last week, reading up on Flex but I don’t really understand a couple things.

      I want to create a website that has a universal theme, is pleasant to look at, is easy to use, and is dynamic….

      Is Flex what I am looking for?

      Does anyone have large websites, which use Flex, as examples?

      Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
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          BLXWebMaster Level 1
          I have been developing coldfusion applications for a long time. I currently have several large scale applications for our internal workforce including CRM type applications.

          I have been developing Flex based applications for about a year and am in the process of converting several of our internal applications from ColdFusion to Flex. Why?....

          I have found Flex to be an incredibly rapid development environement. As any ColdFusion developer knows, the rapid applications development that it offers is great especially with DataBase driven applications. Flex, offers even superior development times. I love it.

          As far as presentaion, Flex really allows for a much improved UI as well as many improvements especially asyncronous options.

          Although some things are easier in a plain HTML based application and there is obvisouly a learning curve, if it is an internal applications and you don't have to worry about public users, complete broweser support, plug requirements etc. I would sure advocate using Flex.

          So far with several very complex applications I have only been hit with one issue and that being HTML support. The FlashPlayer does not have very good support for HTML. So, displaying plain HTML within your Flex application is difficult and often times requires using IFRAMES over your application. Although, there is a solution and that being Apollo.

          As for me, I love flex and have been versy successful making some very sexy applications while greatly reducing my development time.

          Lastly, using components and the fact that the codebase for Flex applications is so small, maintenance has also been greatly reduced.

          I sugges going for it.
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            Pathel Level 1
            First of I want to say "Thank you", that is exactly what I was looking for.

            The Coldfusion server would get replaced by Flex (I had thought Flex was just the publishing software)?

            What application would I use for publishing, you mentioned "Apollo"?
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              Actually I would keep the coldfusion server. Basically you will write your components in ColdFusion and call them from Flex. So you would create a remote procedure in flex that would call your CFC and it would return a query of say employees etc. This marriage gives you the most flexibility because you can have everything you need in CF available to Flex via your CFC's. ANd if you are lucky you created your currect ColdFusion app using CFC's so you can reuse them.

              As far as Apollo. Apollo is a totally new environment for creating Rich applications. The Apollo palyer is much more functional in that it allows for system acces, Javascript, PDF, HTML etc. So if you are limited by Flex and you can use Apollo. This does however require the application be installed on the client PC. No big deal, but Apoolo is very powerfull. Check it out.