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    MTS Merger Question


      I know CS5 merges the MTS clips but I don't have the full folder structure, so is there a program that can merge these files together?


      I tried the program: MTSMerger but when I go to import it to CS5, only the audio imports.






      Computer Specs:

      Dell OptiPlex 980

      Intel Core i7 CPU

      870@2.93GHz 2.93 GHz

      64 bit OS

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          With MTSMerger, make sure you're merging only clips that are long (larger than the 4GB limit). If you drag over to MTSMerger a clip that was short and not part of the long version, it will fail. I've seen that problem that you mention before. Alternatively, you can attempt to join it in pieces, say, the first two clips, then adding on the third, forth, etc. Not sure if this will work. Good luck.