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    Data to PDF417 Barcode


      A software architect at my company found out that you can have data that are entered into fields within a form go automatically into one of these barcodes that you can place either near the field or on a page near the end of the form.  I located the PDF417 barcode within the object library; however, I cannot seem to figure out how you attached field(s) so that the data goes into the barcode.  Is this something that can be accomplished in Livecycle?  If so, how?

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          leesutton Level 3

          There are a couple of ways to populate the barcode from Designer. First, is the manual coding method. In the "calculate" or (preferably) the "pre-print" event you change the .rawValue of the barcode object and change it to the value of the fields you wish to include. Alternatively there is a fairly good script generator built into designer that is accesible through the barcode object properties UI. Here you can have the content of the barcode auto-filled based on the entire form or selected fields in a collection. As a general rule of thumb: never select XML as your barcode data format and don't use the auto-generated code on a form with more than 30 or 40 fields.