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    Manually changing datagrid values, then verifying with a function..



      I am simply trying to verify when a user attempts to change a specific value in one the above cells in a given row. If both are = or < 4, the change will take affect. If not, I want to run a function to disallow the change to happen, reverting back to the values before the attempt. I tried to use the "itemEditEnd" property, which makes the most sense to me. It does not work as intended though.


      Here is the function I call with the "itemEditEnd" property:


      private function verifyCorrectCardCount():void{

           var item:Object = deckGrid.selectedItem;

           var cardName:String = item.name;

           var cardType:String = item.type;

           var setName:String = item.setname;

           var cardRules:String = item.rules;

           var cardNameFromDeck:String;

           var deckCount:int = item.deckCount;

           var sideCount:int = item.sideCount;

           for (var loop:int = 0; loop < deck.length; loop++) {

                cardNameFromDeck = deck.getItemAt(loop).name;

                if (cardName == cardNameFromDeck) {

                     if ((deckCount + sideCount) > 4) {


                          deck.addItem({name:cardName, type:cardType, setname:setName, rules:cardRules, deckCount:deckCountCheck, sideCount:sideCountCheck});

                     }else {







      Note: deckGrid is an arrayCollection used by the dataGrid above.


      Maybe timing is the issue. I'm still don't know how all of the dataGrid properties and dispatchers work.