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    Can't import newest version of docs RH9

    namedujour Level 1

      I just saved a Word document, and overwrote a file that was last updated on March 7. In the Import wizard, the last date modified showed March 7, but I presumed it would grab the later version because the name of the file hadn't changed.


      I was using the document for its .css file. When I attached that file's .css to the Master Page, the styles had not been updated since March 7, even though I checked and double checked the directory and the file, and viewed it in Explore next to the import dialog in Robohelp.


      In Explore, the file showed it had been updated today. In Robohelp Import, it still showed March 7 - and that old version is the version that kept coming through when I imported. I opened and closed Robohelp several times, thinking it needed to refresh. No good. Finally I changed the name of the file, and when I tried to import it, Robohelp couldn't see that new file in the Import box. So I deleted the file that I had originally attempted to import, and it disappeared, confirming that I was really working in the correct directory.


      What is going on?