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    Help Selecting Proper Presets


      Hello all. I am working on a sales video for my company and I need help picking the proper presets and export settings to make sure the quality is as good as the source files.


      I have recorded all my source files using FRAPS at a resolution of 1440x900.


      I am trying to export the video with at least the same resolution with as close to the quality as the .avi files that FRAPS creates but in .wmv as the file needs to be easily viewable by clients with basic computers.


      There is some movement, in FPS view I am walking through various virtually created retail spaces, but nothing like the action of a game.


      Thanks in advance!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sadly, the forum search is not working properly right now... or I would tell you to search on FRAPS so you could read all of the previous discussions of the problems with that process


          I don't do screen captures so never made a note of any of those discussions... just that fact that fraps is NOT easy to edit, and MAY need to be converted to a codec that will edit in PPro

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            digital0verdose Level 1

            OK, I kept the native resolution of the source videos (1440x900) wtith the PAR set to HD Anamorphic 1080 for the sequence settings.


            Exporting as a Win Media 9 wmv file, I keep the same resolution and PAR. I check "Render at max Depth" and "Use maximum render quality". My Avg video bitrate is set to 5000.


            The video comes out pretty well. Very close to the source videos.



            My Question:

            Would bumping up the bitrate get me a better picture at this point, or are there any additional setttings I can adjust to achieve this?