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    Omniture plugin's pev3 tag



      I have a request to configure the omniture plugin's pev3 value, but there doesn't seem to be any way to affect how it is generated. For instance, we currently see this pev3 being output:

      rtmp://flashstream.adobe.com/ondemand/mp4:flash/products/cs5_5/marquees/ds-design-army-cus tomer-640x360_design-standard.f4v--**--232--**--Adobe - Open Source Media Framework--**--0--**--1301355263--**--S0L0

      I'm hoping we can change the tag to reflect the media filename as opposed to the entire path, as well as alter the 'Adobe - Open Source Media Framework' to something more succint. I've attempted to change any value that looks remotely related (pagename, movieID, etc) and am seeing the values updated everywhere except the pev3. It appears that the pev3 value is not intended to be adjusted?

      Any thoughts? Thanks!