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    color picker history?

    Emilian Dechev Level 1

      Hi there. Throughout a retouching work, I am grabbing so many different colors, shades from specific details, hues from graphic elements, etc. Normally when I grab a new color it replaces the old one. When I need to fill a mask with black or white, then again, I have to replace any color I picked up earlier. So I was wondering, if a "color picker history" window may be useful? That has to be easy to implement.

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          That has to be easy to implement.

          Top 10 things NOT to tell a developer if you want your feature request taken seriously....

          (kind of like telling a mother that giving birth couldn't be that bad.)



          If you are using the same colors a lot, you should save them as swatches.


          Anyway, this does sound like a good idea - especially when you don't know you'll be reusing a color.

          How many colors do you think you'd need in the history? (too few may not be useful, too many becomes difficult to see, search and manage)

          Where would you expect to find the history of colors used?   (we don't like adding random palettes, but can't realistically put a list everywhere that you pick colors)

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            Emilian Dechev Level 1

            Hi there Chris

            Thanks for your respond!


            Sorry for the "easy to implement" part, but I was considering the excellent skills of the adobe team


            Well I know that I can save color swatches, but in a hurried retouching work, it happens all the time, to need that shade of hair-color, that I cloned with just five minutes ago...


            I think this feature could be implemented graciously with some kind of float-out window, when you hold the mouse button over the "foreground color" thingy... or the last used colors may appear in the color picker window. But how many? 10-20 seems alright. But that may be selected in preferences.

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              EricDuboisMDD Level 2

              This would be a useful feature. I don't see it as a standalone panel, but rather as a contextual menu. For example, right-click the foreground or background color swatch and have a menu of recently used swatches, in chronological order.


              Is it easy now?



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                Emilian Dechev Level 1

                Yes, this is exactly how I imagined it with a float-out