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    Can't find my serial number ANYWHERE!!


      I purchased an upgrade to my Photoshop and FINALLY got it in the mail and my serial number is not on the box or reciept anywhere and I went online in my Adobe Web Licensing site and there is no record of any products being purchased. I waited so long for them to finally send me this DVD and now I can't even load it onto my computer. It is SO frustrating, and the Tech support phone has a wait of OVER ONE HOUR and there is NO E-MAIL support address. It is really frustrating. The online Chat guys are TOO BUSY also. You guys need more support or else make this easier. It is really frustrating to have to wait several days to get help on even the most simple of issues like this. Especially when we pay top dollar for this software.

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          Update at how I am being treated by the Adobe folks. I waited on HOLD for 45 minutes this morning and then was HUNG UP ON by Support. This after them telling me that I would be on hold for 5-6 minutes. Now I am on hold AGAIN and it has been 35 minutes. I fully expect to be hung up on in 10 minutes. We will see. I also have scheduled call backs on both of my phones (was supposed to be 6 minutes) and neither one of them has rung. In my experience this does not work on my office phone, pressing one of the numerical options causes the phone to hang up and then the computer guy repeatedly calls you back (a pbx line, meaning you have to dial 9 to get an outside line). I have been sitting here for all of this time and I am petrified to go to the restroom that they will answer in that moment. SUCKS!!!