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    QTP Automation tool not recognizing LinkButton inside a DataGrid


      Hi all,


      I have been trying to generate automated script using QTP automation tool, to test my Flex application. I have a Custom DataGrid in which one of the column is a linkbutton. When I start my QTP recording and click on this linkbutton inside the datagrid, I see that this action is not being recorded or captured by the tool. I googled to see if anyone encountered a similar issue but had not luck with it,


      Could anyone help me with this issue?





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          Hi Niki,


          don't rely on QTP (as well as on any other automation tool) record engine - it's the way to nowhere.

          what i suggest you to do is to spy a DataGrid row and figure out how QTP recognizes the datagrid sturcture.

          i believe it must be similar to the following hierarchy:


          - DataGrid

          - - Container (as result of ItemRenderer-ing)

          - - - LinkButton


          the Container description must depend on row index and column index. so you need to programatically describe it, then programatically describe Link button and get it being clicked with a statement as follows:


          DataGrid("Data Grid Logical Name").Container(programatic description).LinkButton(programmatic description).Click


          please note this is not precise recipe, everything from QTP's point of view depend on the application interiors... even on pure html clicking on a link is not a trivial task. so this is simple a direction for the final decision you must make by yourselves.




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            Hi There,


            Is it working . Because I am facing the same kind of problem, When I did spy the data grid coloums are getting identified as label and I'm not able to do click operation.


            I tryied using descriptive programming but still it is not identified.