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    Reader X, whitelist problem.


      I am using a Whitelist, and in the AdbeReaderBroker.log here is an excerpt of what error I am getting.

      [03:29/15:03:41] Adding custom policy: EVENTS_ALLOW_ANY = Gl*

      [03:29/15:03:41] OpenEvent: STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

      [03:29/15:03:41] name: Global\CLR_PerfMon_StartEnumEvent

      [03:29/15:03:41] Consider modifying policy using these policy rules: EVENTS_ALLOW_ANY

      [03:29/15:03:41] OpenEvent: STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED


      I have EVENTS_ALLOW_ANY = Gl* in my ProtectedModeWhitelistConfig.txt file.  I don't know if this makes a difference, but the plugin is am creating an Active-X control that is made in VB.NET.  I am pretty sure that the event that is trying to be opened is at the .NET layer for Performance Counter information.  The Active-X Control is registered on the System.