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    Crashes, graphics glitches, and more crashes when editing video clips


      Can't for the life of me figure out why PE keeps crashing on me, so I'm here for help.


      My system consists of a i7-970 hexacore, 6GB ram, 1x 500GB os drive, 3x500gb raid 0 drives (this is where my video clips are stored), 2x GeForce GTX460 video cards.


      OS is Windows 7 Profressional 64 bit.


      The video files I work with are generally in the 50-200GB size.


      A little background - the videos that I am working with are recordings from Battlefield Bad Company 2 that I have recorded with some capture software called Dxtory.


      I record at 1920x1080 at 60 FPS to avi files.  The avi files are using the "xtor" codec (Dxtory's own codec)


      [ISFT]    DxtoryCore ver2.0.0.101
      [ISRC]    Video:YUV420 Audio:Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)


      Audio is PCM 192000Hz recorded in stereo.


      Let me start by saying I have not had trouble with this before until I started recording the videos at 60 FPS.  30 FPS worked ok (some crashes here and there, but they were bearable), but the frequent crashes started happening when I started working with the 60 FPS videos, done mainly so I could play around with slowing the clips down, etc.


      Sometimes I can open and edit clips just fine.


      Recently, a project that I'm working on is crashing when I try putting two different clips from different files together on the time line.  I managed to get it to work once, and saved the project after that.  Then, PE crashed randomly and when trying to reopen the project, it just crashes and won't let me get any further.


      I should mention the graphics glitches as well - occasionally (especially when previewing video clips before adding them to the timeline) after I close the preview window, the graphics in PE will glitch out, causing random lines to appear in certain areas, graphics to stack on top of eachother and freeze up, and sometimes I can click on the "play" button in the main project window and hear everything start playing, but the graphics are completely screwed up to the point where I can't view the video or hit the pause button.


      All of my computer hardware is fine, all drivers, and PE, are up to date.


      Can someone please help me figure out what is going on?  I'll be happy to provide any more information that might help out.