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    Transitions, Components, and Processing


      I have several states in my application. In State 1, a user can select one of several calculations on a set of data. This processing takes a few moments depending on the selection, which occurs using a combobox. Once the selection is made, the user is sent to State 2 to actually show the results.


      I am having trouble having the processing and state transitions flow smoothly.


      When I try processing in the combo_change event listener, the combo box freezes open, the cursor can't move, and the app looks frozen for a moment until the processing is done.


      I've tried processing during various stages of when the components in State 2 are created (ie creationcomplete, updatecomplete, etc), but the app shows a blank page because none of the elements from State 2 are showing.


      Can someone please provide a suggestion as to where I should place the heavy computation in this procedure?