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    Can armatures be made into nested animation (symbol/movies)?

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      1) Can armatures be made into nested animation (symbol/movies)?


      I made a dragon character and animated the body with the amature(bone tool) in flash cs5.  I was having trouble trying get it to become a nested animation and make it into a symbol/movie.  I heard you are suppose to select all the animated frames using EDIT> TIMELINE>COPY FRAMES, then pasting the animated frames into new symbol/movie. I have no luck with that, the menu becomes dimmed out from copying the frame...I'm not sure if nesting animations with amatures is possible?  Any ideas?  Thanks.


      I was planning to get the body into nested animation, then attached seperate movie with flagging wings along a guide path.


      2) Second question.  I don't know why flash cs5 is exporting it's animation a lot differently from gif to swf.  In the gif format it doesn't show the nest animation.  Here's an example.  The wings on the dragon animate fine in swf format but when converted to gif.  The wings don't move.dragon_sketch343_puppet_3.gif