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    printJob gets blurry with larger xMax and yMax values

    Brian Lucid
      I don't think I am properly understanding the printJob class. I have a large movie clip with dynamic text on it that I have scaled down to fit the printed page.

      when I:

      pj.addPage("_root.printframe", {xMin:0, xMax:400, yMin:0, yMax:400},{printAsBitmap:false});

      the text looks just fine, but I only get a small segment of the original image. If I raise the xMax and yMax values however the text prints blurry.

      pj.addPage("_root.printframe", {xMin:0, xMax:1200, yMin:0, yMax:1200},{printAsBitmap:false});

      Actually, its not just the text. Thin lines on this printout are also softer.

      the MC is the same size on both printouts, but the text is significantly worse on the second printout. Is there a memory limitation to what can be sent to the printer? anyone experience this? is printAsBitmap somehow getting turned on automatically?

      the blurryness kicks in at Max values above 700. This is about the size of a landscape letter sized page. Eventually, I need to print out this movieclip on tabloid paper as well.

      any help would be greatly appreciated!

      the text, by the way, is using an embedded font.