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    Camera guy needs help with his first build




      Hello all-



      I work in a video rental house, and I'm sick of renting out $13,000 cameras and $16,000 lens packages all the time and not having the capability to get the gear for free and make my own projects on my own time!  To that end, I'll happily trade any video camera / production knowledge for advice on this build I'm working on.



      I’ve put together this modest $3,000 build list for a Premiere CS5 / After Effects CS5 machine.  This will be my first build, so I’m somewhat new to this, and I’d like to solicit the board’s input on the following questions:




      1)      What do you think of my MOBO / CPU / RAM pairings?  I’m not really married to any of these components, and if I should swap any one of these out for overall performance increases, I’d be happy to.




      2)      How does my drive setup look?  Have I picked any clunkers?




      3)      I’d love to hear any alternate suggestions for 20inch or so monitors in the $150 range, or quality desktop speakers in the $100 range.




      DISK SETUP- $640


                  System / Boot disk600 GB Western Digital Velociraptor / SATA 6.0 / 10,000 RPM


                  Project / Media disk – (2) x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3R / RAID 0 / SATA 3.0 / 7,200 RPM


                  Render / Scratch disk – (4) x 500GB Western Digital Caviar blue / RAID 0 / SATA 3.0 / 7,200 RPM


      (MOBO raid only- No hardware RAID card – not in my budget right now)




      GUTS- $1,137


                  CPU- i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06 GHz / Noctura NH-D14 CPU cooler


                  GPU- Galaxy NVDIA GTX470 1.28 GB


                  RAM- 24GB (6 x 4GB) G.SKILL Ripjaw DDR3 1333 / 9-9-9-24


                  MOBO ASUS Rampage III 1366 pin X58




      CASE / POWER - $595         


                  Case - Silverstone RV02B-W


                  PSUABS MJ1100-M / 1100 Watt / Single 12v rail


                  UPSPowercom KIN- 2200AP / 2200 VA / 1320 Watts




      HUMAN I/O – $485


                  Speakers- Behringer MS16


                  MouseKensington Expert Trackball


                  KeyboardLogitech Wireless K340


                  Monitors – (2) x Acer G235HAbd 23” / 1920x1080 / 20” or larger / around $150



      Thanks for any input.