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    issue on mac 10.6.6 while installing air application using .dmg installer

    Dhwani_K_shah Level 1


          I am working on one project which has following scenario:

          Flash builder 4 + AIR application.

        I have exported .air and .exe from flash builder (On Windows)


         I also need to create .dmg installer for MAC OS

         I have created .dmg installer on 10.5.6.

         My MAC system has :

         Adobe AIR 2.6 installed

         I have used air packager for creating .dmg installers from .air files

         And i have used adobe air 2.0 sdk for creating this installer.


         When i run this installer on my mac 10.5.6 it works fine.


         when I download the installer and it opens, I get "Sorry, an error has  occurred. This application cannnot be installed because this installer  has been    misconfigured. Please contact the application author for  assistance."   I've tried this on two different macs running 10.6.6


      Can anyone help me on this issue..