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    Adobe Premiere crashes brand new 27" imac!


      What is it with Adobe and letting their customers pay big bucks for software that doeasnt work.

      Why do you guys let the customer pay for the research and development?

      Can you imagine what its like sitting in front of a computer for 8hrs a day that you are unable to use.

      How do I explain to the boss why im sitting bone idle 8hrs a day for coming up to 6 weeks now after he's

      just blown £5000!!!! on crap that doesnt work!!!!! Ive spend near 4hrs on the phone to adobe with no one

      having any sense of urgency or the need to keep their customers happy!!!  My estimation of adobe has

      gone from the filmakers best friend to biggest waste of time on earth! Adobe wont even offer any compensation!!!

      I am completely disgusted. Just try to imagine what its like sitting infront of

      £2800 worth of software and that I cant even START on the work load I have. This is the single

      most frustrating and rediculous thing ive experienced.