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    How do I lock clips on the timeline?

    Nick How


      I am compiling music videos, taking the best grabs from 6 to 10 takes of a song which the band played along with the studio recording of the song.

      The sound track is therefore the synch mechanism.

      I am lining all the takes up above each other in synch with the master audio track.

      My problem is that when I make cuts in the various takes the clips all ripple backwards and I have to constantly keep re-synching the clips.

      I have used this method previously in Premiere Pro 6 which had a padlock symbol at the left hand end of the tracks which was used to lock or unlock the clips on the timeline.

      Is there a control key that will do this for me in Premiere Elements and if not, could you suggest another  way to get around this problem?




      PS an unrelated question: Can I run Elements 9 on my laptop? (2 gb Ram, 1.66ghz intel centrino duo). I know that the processor speed is lower than recommended but am wondering if it will just run slowly or not at all.


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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE does not have a lock feature. By default it ripple deletes (i.e butts the clips either side of a cut). To override this right-click and select clear or use [Shift]+[Delete].


          Personally I think you would find the experience unpleasant running on that laptop, but the best thing to do is to install it and see (your licence allows you to install on two machines providing both are not in use at the same time).


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            Nick How Level 1

            Thanks Neale,

            I will set up a trial project and try to get the hang of this technique.

            I am also finding a lot of reference to holding down the control key while performing inserts and lifts and I will try these techniques too.

            Re the laptop, I am currently running Premiere Elements 7 on it without too much hang time if I can solve the clip lock problem I may not need to update to Ver 9 just yet.