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    Logo integration/blending


      I am trying to integrate a logo. I need this to be blended in the background of the site as smooth as possible.


      The background is light brown and the image is a photo of the sun.(see below)


      The sun is depicted in the usual yellow-orange colors. I have used the smudge tool so far but i am not satisfied. Maybe i am not using the smudge tool in the most appropriate way.

      I am looking a bit of an advice how to do this correctly, either using the smudge tool or any other technique.sun1.jpg

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          You need to place the photo on a light brown rectangle that matches the backgrund color of the page you will be placing it on, and then blend the image into the rectangle. I'd do it by using the Gaussian blur filter.

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            JimVag1947 Level 1

            I am not very satisfied with gaussian blur filter. probably i will have to resort to Photoshop.

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              pixlor Level 4

              You could try a mask.


              • Create a selection with the marquee tool (maybe a rectangle, maybe an ellipse).
              • Go to Select>Feather and add a few pixels (15-20 or so).
              • Select the Paint Bucket tool and fill the selection with white. This gives you a bitmap mask with semi-transparent edges.
              • Select both the filled area and the logo, then go to Modify>Mask >Group as Mask.


              Then, you can change the canvas color to your light brown.


              Try it once and see if the effect works and how you'd need to modify the mask. With masks, white areas are the region of the masked image that will be visible. Black or transparent areas in the mask are the regions of the masked image that will be transparent. Grey or semi-transparent areas in the mask cause the masked image to be correspondingly semi-transparent.