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    Trouble with Acrobat Professional & Reader opening .pdf documents?

      I have Acrobat Professional X Pro (test upgrade for now) and Acrobat Reader 9. I had been using Acrobat 6 professional and Acrobat Reader with no problems. About 6 weeks ago, when I would open a .pdf via either means, it would not open correctly. First, if it opened, it was only part of an image. If you tried to scroll down, it would scroll in sections. At times, you could see your desk top images through the .pdf document. If I drag the document from monitor to monitor (I have 3), it gets even worse. At first, I would have to save .pdf documents to my desktop and reopen them in Professional or Reader. Now it does not matter. Of course, the only time it works correctly is when I hire an IT person to take a look. I have to use Acrobat Professional in my profession so permanently uninstalling the program is not an option unless thair is a better program. I believe the IT person covered all of the basic things such as making sure upgrades have been installed and no viruses have envaded the computer. The problem still exist and happens at the worse times.


      Does anyone who has IT ability have any idea what could be casusing this issue? The only documents that are effected are .pdf. Right now it does not matter if you try and download off the internet, open off the internet, or open or save an emailed .pdf. Why would this suddenly occur in the past 6 weeks. Can having multiple monitors effect this? It is the only thing new that I can think of that is different. It is almost like there is a graphics problem but it only does this in .pdf. I am not a computer person so any help would be much appreciate.