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    NumericStepper with stepSize=0.1 set value to NaN

    eprevot123 Level 2

      I have a spark NumericStepper :

      <s:NumericStepper value="0" stepSize="0.1" />


      When I first click on the NumericStepper to increment the value, it goes from "0" to "0.1", it's ok.

      But when I click again to increment or decrement, it displays "NaN".

      I debug the NumericStepper and it seems my default locale is fr_FR and it waits for the "," decimal separator instead of "."


      But if I try to set stepSize="0,1" I have a compilation error because 0,1 can't be cast to a Number.


      Is it a bug ? is there a workaround to have a decimal stepSize with french locale ?