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    Conversion of LiveCycle ES form to create new PDF with Fill in Fields

    Flat Stick

      1st time LiveCycle user here.


      I created a beautiful form for use in my office.  I wanted to end up with a form with tabable fields to fill in the blanks.  It looks like I should have started with the file command to "Create a New PDF" before I created the form in LiveCycle.  Is it possible to convert the form I created to one that will allow me to insert the fields I need?  Every time I try to import the new form I created to the "Form Wizard", I get a warning that the PDF will close and reopen in LiveCycle ES platform, not allowing me to add the desired "Form Fields".


      Please help.

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          Mallard27 Level 1

          Flat Stick,


          Could you clarify the problem for me? Is the issue that you don't have tabbed fields in your beautiful form or the tabs aren't working correctly? It sounds like you created the form in LiveCycle Designer, is that correct?


          LiveCycle Designer allows you to set the tabbed order of the fields, so if you used this from the beginning, I should be able to walk you through this. If you used Adobe Acrobat to create the form, simply open this form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer; see more on page 11 of http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/sdk/AcroJS_DesignerJS.pdf.


          To use LiveCycle Designer to set the tab order, go to Window, Tab Order. This will pull up a window on the left. Use this view to set the tab order for each page. Text boxes that aren't fields will show up in the order and I always put them at the back so that the user doesn't click through them during the tabbing/entering process.


          Hope this helps,