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    Change language?


      Is there a way to change the language of Digital Editions, as it's now in dutch and I don't want that, I want it in english.. It seems for one weird reason it uses a setting from windows which I don't want it to use, I want it in english no matter what is set in region or something..

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          Same problem here. Anybody found a solution? Anybody from Adobe to respond to this ridiculous issue?


          I run English Win7, but ADE keeps installing the Dutch version. Apparently because my Regional Settings in Windows say that I'm in The Netherlands.


          Hello Adobe: Why can't I simply download and/or set the prefered language as usual?

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            ADE 2.0 was displaying in English and the language I wanted was spanish. To get it to change you go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options, look under Default Input Language, this is what ADE decides to use. Mine was set to English United States, now it is Español United States. Its a hack to get ADE to work until they start putting the language option into a configuration file to us to change manually (like most other programs do!)