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    Exporting my SWF from my FLV movie but it doesnt play! Help


      Hi All,


      Ok im a real beginner here and need some of your expert help.


      This is the deal.


      Im working between Dreamweaver & Flash cs4


      Now i have a FLV video clip that i want play on a webpage with a full screen option so this is what im doing:


      File > Import > Video


      On my computer > Browse > (Found my file 17.8mb) > Load external video with playback component  > continue


      Skin: SkinOverPlayStopSeekFullVol.swf   


      Now its been imported i export it into my directory that im upload to my server (the swf file is now 59kb)


      In dreamweaver drag the file onto my webpage and upload.  When i view the page online it gives me an empty white box.  Meaning its not playing.


      What am i doing wrong?  Please forgive my lack of skills, im a newbie!!


      Please help



      Sarah xx