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    Combine Built-In Listbased Drag&Drop with NativeDragManager

    arvid terzibaschian



      I am trying to build an application where the user can initiate a drag and drop operation from a ListView (AdvancedDataGridView) control.

      What the user should be able to do is to drag&drop the items from ADG either to the desktop (NativeDrag) or to a different listview control inside the application.


      My problem is that when i start the native drag inside the mousedown event, it allows me to drag files to the desktop or to any application accepting files, but it stops me from dropping them inside any listview (as it seems to prevent the built-in drag&drop functionality of listviews)

      var clip:Clipboard = new Clipboard();
      var options:NativeDragOptions = new NativeDragOptions();
      options.allowCopy = true;
      options.allowLink = true;
      options.allowMove = false;
      NativeDragManager.doDrag(currentTarget,clip, null, null, options);    


      If I comment out NativeDragManager.doDrag(...) the builtin listview drag &  drop does work but I cannot drop files to the desktop anymore.


      This is pretty annoying and before diving deep into the DragManager and NativeDragManager code and documentation, I would like to ask using this forum whats the best way to accomplish this task?


      Thanks in advance,