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    Flash catalyst didn't meet my expectations


      I am no Flash expert nor a Catalyst pro by any means, so this is just my take on an average guy who tried and was less than happy with my results.

      I was really hopeful of having a hybrid program that would bridge the gap between the complexities of Flash and my alternatives which have been SwishMax and a few other fill ins.


      I found the import PSD function to work well and my start up went fairly well.

      I managed my pages just fine and got the structure of my roughly 10 page interactive going ok.


      Where i ran into headaches was the transition from page to page.


      As i worked within the timeline and transitions windows, I found a lot of inconsistancies.

      In several cases items that were on the page did not show in the transitions window

      and i had  multiple problems getting items to enter and exit the way i had envisioned.

      i would have also wished for more various transition options.


      Conceptually i love the idea, but functionally my expectations were not met.

      Granted, my trial was on version 1.0..  maybe things are better now.  


      But I still love the folks at Adobe and all the products they continue to produce.

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          topelovely Level 4

          I'll advise you look at some Lynda.com training videos. They could help solve so many challenges you a facing.

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            Currentlly I just see Catalyst supports "Fade" "Sound" "Move" "Rotate" "Rotate3D" effect.

            You could make your custome effect in your code insteead.

            Catalyst is just make a simple transition from page to page with a smooth Transition feature.


            I am facing many problem with it but I think it's good to make a quick - simple effect.

            I see a Action Sequences but I don't find a way to use it too. don't you ?

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              GeneralMarketingService Level 1

              Thank you for both of your repllies.


              Actually I did use the Lynda training which was very helpful, and I pretty much followed their type of model for my project.

              But as i said, several of the objects on their own layers did now show up in the transitions window,  this became frustrating and so I chose not to go forward wit the project here.


              Regarding the idea to program new transitions.  That is a great option and idea but I think the concept of Catalyst is to simplify the process.


              I posted this mostly because I thought the Adobe folks may benefit from the feedback


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                A lot of the bugs you describe sound similar to what I faced...

                For one thing, how you actually move content etc and work the layers can create some unexpected results.  Also you can 'break' past navigations if the navigation is complex enough.


                I find that by using transparent button (0:% opacity) with all the needed interactions, and also having nicely layered file at the outset, help a lot.


                Learning to (partially) manage the state issue by building custom components correctly is also helping me a lot .


                My biggest gripe with the transitions or moving layers etc, is that bulk transitions can't be done at once, and also the layers/library planels do not let you move more than one line-item at a time (say, grabbing a few layres and moving them at once.).I think Catalyst is sort of 'deceptively simple'.


                Not sure if that encourages you... or makes it worse!

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                  Hi...and thanks for your reply.

                  I appreciate your comments and figure there had to be more people than me with some issues.

                  The program itself is fairly easy to use....and i agree with your various points about fixes as well.


                  I suppose the Real question is... will Adobe put forth the effort to fix everything, or will they let it fade into the sunset.

                  I'm willing to try out a new version, but want to wait a little longer   I've gone back to Swishmax4 for my more basic flash projects

                  but i really miss the Photoshop import feature.  That is a great feature of Catalyst.

                  • 6. Illustrator...

                    I love how I can pick out small elements of an illustrator file drawing (like stroke or fill, etc) and attached all kind of info.