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    moving an Illustrator file with the bone tool




      I normally draw all my cartoons in Illustrator (cs5 at the moment), but for a school project I have to animate these cartoons.

      I believe that I have done this before in Flash CS5 with the bone tool, but this time it doesn't work.


      I have read numerous of pages that try out the bone tool, but nothing works for me.

      I tried:

      • making the body a movieclip and just import the other files
      • making every part a movieclip (head, arms, legs, tail, etc.)
      • making every part a png or jpeg file
      • grouping and ungrouping of the vector


      It seems the only option left for me is to draw my cartoon in Flash. Which I'm not too fond of, because Flash ofcourse isn't a drawing programme like Illustrator.


      Please help me if you can, thank you in advance.