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    Cannot Edit Imported Objects in Preview Window




      I am having a strange problem with Premiere CS5. In the picture below I have a video on the video1 layer and a static .png picture of a badge on the "Badge" layer. I want to move the badge from the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen.


      No matter what I try, I cannot click or edit that badge in the preview window above the sequence window. I have double clicked, single clicked, right clicked. Two experienced video editors have also looked at it and they cannot seem to figure it out either.


      This is a new installation of CS5, so we are thinking it is some kind of strange setting we are not aware of. Also it's not exclusive to this project or file type. We have tried .gif files, .avi files, etc. We have opened new projects and tried importing a video or static object there and you cannot edit the placement of it. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.