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    Paranormal Investigations


      I know that when people start reading this they may roll their eyes but, Adobe Audition is considered to be one of the gold standards when analyzing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) after recording.   I've been using Mac now for about 2 years and prior I always used Windows OS platform with Adobe Audition installed.  Since converting over from Windows to Mac naturally I got excited at the fact when I heard that Adobe had released a beta version for Mac users running Snow Leopard in which I currently use.  I do realize that some people are skeptics in what we do and will probably get some slack inside the forum regarding this.   But for those who believe, Adobe Audition allows us to filter out unwanted background noise especially static sound with much more other capabilities.   Many Paranormal reality shows including Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy as seen on SyFy channel use Adobe Audition.  Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures Crew also use it and can be seen during their analyzing of EVP.   I've been a big fan of Adobe Audition for many years just not a big fan of Windows.  I understand everyone has their own preference when it comes to OS which is perfectly fine but I just prefer Mac.  I currently have beta versions installed both on my Mac laptop/desktop and will be dissappointed when it ends.

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          I concur, Audition for MAC is the best, I used it on my (forgive me for saying) windows laptop love the program hated the platform. I use it on my MAC mini with 8 gigs of ram and can't keep up. I too use it to analyze EVP's and can do it much faster on this platform, some of my audio files from my Zoom H2 360 recorders are 4-6 gig files and can start reviewing while its still loading. On the windows platform, not a chance.


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