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    Director -> Flash AS2 -> Flash AS3 via localconnection?

    mgartner Level 1

      I have a Director MX2004 app that I would like to use to control a Flash swf written in AS3.  I know I can't embed that kind of SWF file in Director, so I thought I would try to use this method:


      Embed an AS2 swf in director and communicate with that.

      Have that swf use the localconnection to communicate with the AS3 swf running in Air.


      I can verify that the 2 swfs communicate when running in Flash and Air

      I can verify that Director can communicate with the AS2 swf embedded in it.


      But I can't link it all together.  Send a command to the AS2 swf from Director doesn't continue down the chain to talk to the AS3 swf.


      Is this something that could possibly work, or am I beating a dead horse?